Definición de cool one's heels en inglés

cool one's heels


  • 1Be kept waiting.

    ‘Well, drivers will have to cool their heels in traffic.’
    • ‘The reporters who stay cool their heels in the lobby.’
    • ‘There we all were, cooling our heels in a hotel lobby waiting for our first appointments of the day.’
    • ‘Perhaps cooling his heels all these years was worthwhile.’
    • ‘And all this while the King of Spain was left cooling his heels at the bar.’
    • ‘Why does Irwine want Adam to cool his heels for ten days, doing nothing?’
    • ‘When I finally get to them after they've been cooling their heels for five or ten minutes they generally drop a dollar on the bar.’
    • ‘But she can just cool her heels.’
    • ‘You could make an appointment with your doctor for the day after tomorrow - and then cool your heels for 40 minutes in an overheated waiting room.’
    • ‘Joburgers will have to cool their heels with some freezing weather this month, before the summer rains set in.’
  • 2Be kept waiting.

    • ‘their delegation was left cooling their heels for days’