Definition of cooled in English:


Pronunciation /ko͞old/ /kuld/


  • Made less hot.

    ‘we hold the cooled branding irons’
    • ‘an air-cooled engine’
    • ‘Glass is a cooled liquid, a fundamental property that Horn makes especially apparent in this work.’
    • ‘Cooled soil under a building serves as a heat sink.’
    • ‘Thermal storage tanks hold the cooled water before it is circulated through the buildings' climate control systems.’
    • ‘Images of lush green vegetation slowly give way to immense black, white, and gray expanses of cooled lava.’
    • ‘Cooled samples were then diluted with deionized water.’
    • ‘Conception rates did not differ among cooled and non-cooled cows.’
    • ‘She sat nibbling a biscuit and sipping her cooled coffee.’
    • ‘She spooned cooled grits into their mouths.’
    • ‘Cores are usually extracted with a water-cooled coring rig.’
    • ‘A gas-cooled reactor station was built, and hums there still.’