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  • 1An insulated container for keeping food and drink cool.

    ‘Fans were prohibited from bringing items such as camcorders, beach balls, frisbees, containers of any type, coolers, bottles, cans, cameras, binocular cases and horns.’
    • ‘Some ideas can be cooking supplies, coolers for foods and beverages, sleeping bags, replacement tents or repair kits for them.’
    • ‘Some passengers came aboard with coolers and bags of food, but we preferred the experience of the dining car.’
    • ‘The only people hurt by coolers are food vendors.’
    • ‘The business invests tens of thousands of dollars each year in new trucks, bottle coolers, manufacturing equipment, and computers.’
    • ‘Rangers also patrol the campgrounds daily to make sure all food, coolers, and cooking items are kept locked up in a car or bearproof container.’
    • ‘The fun began mid-morning when our extended family began to arrive with food, coolers and lawn furniture.’
    • ‘Several assistants were putting bottles of beer into coolers by the bar and pouring buckets of crushed ice over them.’
    • ‘A small cooler can keep most foods cold when traveling in a car.’
    • ‘Place coolers in the coolest part of your air-conditioned car, rather than the trunk.’
    • ‘I made my way back to my seat, left the food on the tray table that drops down from the back of the seat in front of mine and then went to the beverage cooler for a bottle of water.’
    • ‘‘Yeah so anyway, we also got a couple of coolers to put our food and drinks in,’ I added.’
    • ‘Bags are being packed, sleeping bags aired out and coolers stocked in anticipation of the season that beckons.’
    • ‘As car parks closed and coolers and backpacks were banned at baseball games, it became clear to Americans that their freedom of movement would never be the same again.’
    • ‘Not a sound was heard from the soft drink and hot dog vendors on the streets; they had packed their coolers and wheeled away their carts.’
    • ‘There is a set of scales with weights, a rolling pin, a round spice tin, a wooden potato masher, and a butter cooler.’
    • ‘Kansas City did not allow coolers or bags larger than a woman's purse.’
    • ‘Even the coolers and plastic ice packs were selling fast.’
    • ‘But this year I didn't want to wrestle with plastic garbage bags and coolers and bags of ice.’
    • ‘If you are transporting wine by car for more than a few hours, you may want to look into a small cooler or other method to keep the bottles out of the sun and heat.’
    1. 1.1North American A refrigerator.
      ‘Purchases included a refrigerated truck, walk-in coolers, a commercial-grade salad spinner and other equipment.’
      • ‘She now takes charge of setting up three refrigerated coolers.’
      • ‘If power outages typically only last a couple of hours, then powering the walk-in cooler and freezer will probably not be necessary.’
      • ‘The plant houses two storage coolers, including a 30,000-square-foot addition that went on-line in 1997.’
      • ‘Commercial breweries, coolers, and freezers have been using these systems successfully for decades.’
      • ‘We'd need new ways to get product from the washing areas to the coolers if they were not nearly joined to the existing ones.’
      • ‘His cheeks and his fingers were a little red, a little chapped from time spent in freezers and coolers.’
      • ‘If you're handy, you can build your own cooler with an old air-conditioner.’
      • ‘These nine-packs are stacked three packs to a crate and sent off to the cooler for sorting, storage and shipment.’
      • ‘He entered the small shop, and made his way quickly through the air-conditioned building to the back, where the coolers were located.’
      • ‘Lots and lots of people pull frozen dinners or homemade meals from their coolers.’
      • ‘My ideal fridge would be like the cooler in a grocery store - as you take one item, it's immediately restocked by some unseen figure in the back.’
      • ‘It turns out that the party was on you because one of the employees had pilfered a couple of cases of beer from the walk-in cooler at your restaurant.’
      • ‘Some products are stored in the main cooler, while others are routed to the truck bay for shipping.’
      • ‘Darius walked to the backside of the store where numerous coolers were set into the wall.’
      • ‘Both the cooling warehouse and cooler have localized cooling with fans installed in the ceiling.’
  • 2mainly North American A tall drink, especially a mixture of wine, fruit juice, and soda water.

    ‘Cafeterias on northern routes also have Class B liquor licences, which serve wine, beer and coolers.’
    • ‘‘And stop me if I drink more than three coolers,’ she said.’
    • ‘Wine coolers have declined and continue to decline.’
    • ‘Wine coolers were okay, but generally all they had at these parties were spiked punch and beer.’
    • ‘You have ceased to represent the demographic for which exotic vodka coolers are crafted.’
    • ‘I decided it would be a good idea to compare inexpensive sparkling wines from around the world to popular local coolers.’
    • ‘They also support the National Treasury's policy of pegging the excise tax on alcoholic fruit beverages and ciders to that of malt beer, and spirit coolers to the same level as that of spirits.’
    • ‘She picked up two coolers from a tub of ice and handed one in Amanda's direction.’
    • ‘He gave her a peck on the lips before diving in the refrigerator and grabbing a cooler.’
  • 3the cooler informal Prison or a prison cell.

    • ‘the cooler was a dark, claustrophobic room’
    • ‘They are sent to the cooler for 20 days.’
    • ‘They get caught and are sent back to the cooler.’
    jail, prison, cell, police cell, place of detention, place of confinement, detention centre



/ˈko͞olər/ /ˈkulər/