Definition of coolibah in English:


(also coolabah)


  • A North Australian gum tree which typically grows near watercourses and yields very strong, hard timber.

    Eucalyptus microtheca, family Myrtaceae

    • ‘And here, in 1875, after floods had forced them to spend days perched in an old coolibah, Frank and his sons had taken up a cattle and horse-breeding station.’
    • ‘The Dig Tree is a gnarled coolibah that stands in the burnt heart of the outback, beside the warm, green water of Cooper's Creek.’
    • ‘A message was carved into the bark of a coolibah tree.’
    • ‘By then our injured man lay crying and dying under a coolibah tree.’
    • ‘So if I wanted to clear my 450 hectares of coolibah now, what do I need to do?’


Late 19th century from Kamilaroi (and related languages) gulubaa.