Definition of cooling-off period in English:

cooling-off period


  • 1An interval during which two sides in a disagreement can try to settle their differences before taking further action.

    ‘a cooling-off period before industrial action can be taken’
    • ‘They have applied to have their names taken off the wedding register, and have been given a three-month cooling-off period to try and work things out before their revocation of vows becomes effective.’
    • ‘A cooling-off period is good in a dispute like this, which is unclear, and one of the things I think we're seeing is how increasingly bitter it is getting.’
    • ‘This was granted, one assumes, in return for agreeing to keep the proceedings confidential for a suitable cooling-off period.’
    • ‘The act proposed a cooling-off period before strikes could take place.’
    • ‘The union has opted for a cooling-off period of three weeks before making its next move.’
    1. 1.1A period of time after a sale contract is agreed during which the buyer can cancel the contract without incurring a penalty.
      ‘the policy has a two week cooling-off period’
      • ‘Similarly, if a trader's visit is unsolicited and an agreement is signed at your home then there is a cooling-off period in which to cancel.’
      • ‘The cooling-off period allows you to change your mind and cancel the contract without any reason.’
      • ‘But within the five-day cooling-off period Robyn did some research and found similar properties were selling for $175,000.’
      • ‘And they should always give you a seven-day cooling-off period to think about it.’
      • ‘In most circumstances, online stores must give a cooling-off period of seven working days.’


cooling-off period

/ˌkuːlɪŋˈɒf ˌpiːrɪəd/