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  • 1In a way that lacks friendliness or enthusiasm.

    ‘the representatives were greeted coolly’
    • ‘He had his first one-man show—coolly received—in New York in 1951.’
    • ‘Suspecting no connection between Edward and Lucy, she treats Lucy wonderfully, while she coolly ignores Elinor.’
    • ‘Cedric and his party admit him with little ceremony, coolly ignoring him.’
    • ‘The two embrace, but coolly, sexuality yielding to choreography.’
    • ‘In turn, the daughters react coolly to their mother, and are often times embarrassed of her actions.’
    • ‘He demands to know if that really happened, and she coolly replies that he can sleep there himself if he wants to know.’
    • ‘Virgil is accepted to the prestigious institute, where he's received coolly by the upperclassmen.’
    • ‘He treats her terribly, ignoring her letters, treating her coolly at a party, and sending her a cruel last letter in which he denies any relationship.’
    • ‘His first French opera was coolly received in 1788, though in many ways it foreshadowed his mature style with its rich orchestration and dramatic conclusion.’
    • ‘"Hello Jerrod," he greeted coolly.’
    1. 1.1In a way that shows a lack of any excitement, anxiety, or excessive emotion.
      ‘passengers were able to deal with the possible threat coolly and calmly’
      • ‘she was coolly detached’
      • ‘His closest aides were either blindingly loyal or coolly pragmatic.’
      • ‘I work coolly, without agitation, without emotion even.’
      • ‘His son is the new butcher, coolly efficient, having studied small business management.’
      • ‘The movie works by maintaining a coolly detached view of the events in the Ghetto.’
      • ‘Her resistance, coolly heroic, fortified her personal appeal.’
      • ‘His coolly cerebral performance of the clarinet sonata was perfection itself.’
      • ‘A coolly disciplined filmmaker, he keeps much of the action below the surface.’
      • ‘He coolly appropriated the work of analytical photographers for his mechanistic "Nude Descending a Staircase."’
      • ‘Its exterior does not have much personality—coolly corporate might be the best way to describe it.’
      • ‘Uncomfortably, we're scientists as well, gazing coolly at human specimens pinned under glass.’
  • 2 informal In a way that is fashionably attractive or impressive.

    • ‘she was coolly dressed down in cut-off jean shorts’
    • ‘He sits on the right of the couch smoking a blue cigarette, coolly masculine.’
    • ‘The cinematography is so tastefully autumnal that barging looks less strenuous than coolly stylish.’
    • ‘One enters the cantilevered canopy to find a coolly elegant bluestone floor.’
    • ‘He's funny in a refreshing way, and his combination with the two coolly chatty musicians is inspired.’
    • ‘This film would be nowhere without its leading man, the coolly charming, understated dreamboat.’
    • ‘He coolly leans against a pillar and appears the personification of suave elegance, wearing a modern tuxedo.’
    • ‘She is the consummate diva: statuesque, coolly elegant, and gracious.’
    • ‘Once again, he has mined his record collection for coolly funky obscurities and supplied several of his own slightly more visceral instrumentals.’
    • ‘Both songs shape up admirably decorated in the kind of coolly sophisticated late-night slinky chill that's really unwise for one record to possess.’
    • ‘It crystallizes to the sound of a coolly bleached-out fusion of 70s skateboard culture and New York street chic.’



/ˈko͞ollē/ /ˈkulli/