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  • 1In a way that involves mutual assistance in working towards a common goal.

    ‘the two publishers will work cooperatively on poster projects’
    • ‘A two-player mode allows you to compete against your buddies or play cooperatively.’
    • ‘They are not known for being politically cohesive, for being able to work cooperatively.’
    • ‘You can dance on camera without the scoring, play competitively or cooperatively with friends, or watch music videos.’
    • ‘In most cases, the subject is made available by teaching teams working cooperatively across the boundaries of traditional disciplinary structures.’
    • ‘Imagine a simple economy where a community of workers labor together cooperatively to produce just sufficient goods to satisfy their combined daily wants.’
    • ‘Part of working together cooperatively is taking responsibility to do the work.’
    • ‘The work was done cooperatively with scientists from the university's Division of Nutritional Sciences.’
    • ‘Writers working singly or cooperatively have experimented with interactive fiction, which permits many different readings of the same story.’
    • ‘This allows for the spontaneous coordination of multiple signals from multiple sources, strangers working cooperatively within the same spread of spectrum.’
    • ‘The students must work cooperatively on developing the opening speeches and answering the follow-up questions.’
    1. 1.1(in relation to the owning or running of a business) jointly by a group of people, with profits or benefits shared among them.
      ‘a cooperatively owned restaurant’
      • ‘The median price for a condominium and a cooperatively owned apartment rose to $670,000 from $580,000 a year earlier.’
      • ‘They help low-income Hispanic women build cooperatively owned cleaning services that use natural cleaning products.’
      • ‘We are actively banging on the door for anything that's collectively, cooperatively, or currently Crown-owned.’
      • ‘He did not know of any other cab company charging an extra fee for the World Cup because most firms were owned cooperatively by their drivers.’
      • ‘The lesser-known alternatives include dozens of cooperatively run credit unions and building societies that are locally run.’
      • ‘This cooperatively owned franchise has about 70 offices.’
      • ‘Because many buildings are cooperatively owned, large-scale transformation is difficult.’
      • ‘The participants blossomed as they laughed together and defended what they cooperatively owned.’
      • ‘The creameries could be independent businesses or cooperatively owned by dairy farmers.’
      • ‘Three cooperatively owned enterprises were visited during the mission.’



/kōˈäpərədivlē/ /koʊˈɑpərədɪvli/