Definition of coopery in English:


Pronunciation /ˈko͞opərē/ /ˈkupəri/


another term for cooperage
‘They also have their own cooper, and both the coopery and the shire stables are open to the public.’
another term for cooperage
  • ‘It is seen in words such as coopery and laundry.’
  • ‘The site of the Shakespeare, on the corner of Lionel Street was home to a coopery or barrel maker when most of this area was then part of the Colmore estate.’
  • ‘Traditional production and crafts in their contemporary form will be presented by the masters of coopery, pottery, basketry, tinker's craft and smithery.’
  • ‘The cellars include not only the usual fermentation and ageing rooms, but also a coopery, providing the family with a constant supply of oak barrels.’
  • ‘However, Thatcham was a town of small cottage industries: wood turning, coopery, milling and various cloth making activities.’
  • ‘In the Montréal area, he also owned a sawmill, a cookie factory (cookies for voyageurs) and a coopery.’
  • ‘Turning into a narrow lane that cut several streets from the trip home, the lone reveler stumbled and cursed over a pile of debris shed by the mouldering roof of an abandoned coopery.’
  • ‘With the purpose of making better known a disappearing craft, the author of the article presents also a short story of coopery.’
  • ‘Their role in winemaking is fundamental, which explains why properties that have the means to buy barrels are keen to have their own coopery.’
  • ‘This last item may not have been firewood though, for Thomas Walton practised coopery as a second craft.’
  • ‘Rockland has three or more ship-yards, one marine railway, two boat-builders, three grain mills, three carriage factories, six lumber mills, two machine shops, three cooperies, a tannery, etc.’