Definition of cop a plea in English:

cop a plea


informal North American
  • Engage in plea bargaining.

    • ‘When common criminals are allowed to cop a plea, they plead guilty first as part of the bargain.’
    • ‘Until today that is, when he copped a plea in U.S. District Court in Concord.’
    • ‘You can defend yourself against an indictment or you can cop a plea.’
    • ‘The nine defendants, advised by their lawyers to cop a plea of guilty in return for ‘lighter’ prison sentences, mounted their own defence and were eventually acquitted of the charges by an all white jury.’
    • ‘To encourage the defendant to cop a plea, some reduction in the charge is usually offered.’
    • ‘Let's say I walked after copping a plea to obstruction of justice.’
    • ‘In Germany, meanwhile, an accused MP cops a plea, or plans to anyway.’
    • ‘Leon had copped a plea of guilty for solicitation and accepted the penalty of time served - a charge for which he had previously done real time.’
    • ‘I think they were trying to get the defense to cop a plea in that case.’
    • ‘Anybody else in this industry would have already copped a plea, and that's just what the government wants.’