Definition of cop hold of in English:

cop hold of


informal British
  • usually in imperative Take hold of.

    • ‘cop hold of the suitcase, I'm off’
    • ‘‘Well, aren't you in for a surprise then, here cop hold of this’, and I handed him a mug of ‘coffee’ liberally laced with what the girl had given me.’
    • ‘Dad sprung from his chair like greased lightning, copped hold of the impudent young whippersnapper and bent him over his knee for a ceremonial thrashing.’
    • ‘Don't get me wrong, there's some pretty stirring stuff - much like we'd have from Mars Volta if they ever copped hold of a bunch of Coldplay records - but what the rich, fluid tones gain in consistency, they lose in relief.’
    • ‘I've only time for a short review, so my tip is cop hold of ‘Independently Blue’, lie back and relax.’
    • ‘During a game of the sophisticated ‘spin the bottle’, she copped hold of Pete.’