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(also copasetic)
informal North American
  • In excellent order.

    • ‘he said to tell you everything is copacetic’
    • ‘But, you know, because it's defending an adulterer, this is just mind-boggling and I can't believe, you know, half of you are copacetic with it and say, oh, well, he might have a chance.’
    • ‘But Those 70s ‘stars’ are not so copacetic, according to the Page Sixers.’
    • ‘So once that supply line is copacetic, then you're going to see a bigger smile.’
    • ‘I was totally copacetic with my Kool-Aid.’
    • ‘You'd just agreed with me about how important it is to make sure things are copacetic at the hospital.’
    • ‘I mean, to me, I'm no lawyer, but that seems - I mean, anybody can look at something like that, and say, you know, that's not really copacetic what you're doing there.’
    • ‘They can even make breaking up sound copacetic and cool.’
    • ‘It's got some low keyboard gut rumbling, and the upbeat but somehow down tunes will leave you copacetic.’
    • ‘Just when everything seems copacetic, mob boss Spats Colombo appears on the scene, still looking for the two musicians who witnessed the hit back in Chicago.’
    • ‘Whether it's a truce between a volatile owner and an ornery general manager or a self-absorbed player and a temperamental coach, everything is copacetic when the games don't count.’
    • ‘Mom and Dad, especially Mom, aren't too happy with the arrangement either, but Frank assures them that everything's copacetic, though clearly it isn't.’
    • ‘And that desire to foster a copacetic synthesis between carbon-based life forms and artificial devices can be heard in every blip and digitized beat played.’
    • ‘It's positively copacetic, man, it really swings.’
    • ‘Although film has long offered immeasurable value to dance through its documentary capacities, the marriage is not always copacetic.’
    • ‘This account shows that beneath the positive reports to the public from senior Marine officers, all was not copacetic.’
    • ‘Nobody hates anybody, nobody puts anybody down, and everything's copacetic.’
    • ‘Their habits were no longer exactly copacetic with my new interests.’
    • ‘This standard says that if a company's cash is slated for operating purposes, everything is copacetic.’
    • ‘I realize not everyone is like this, which is copacetic, as in fine, with me.’
    • ‘What is abundantly clear in 2003 is that things are far from copacetic in this society of ours.’



/ˌkōpəˈsedik/ /ˌkoʊpəˈsɛdɪk/


Early 20th century of unknown origin.