Definition of copartner in English:



  • A partner or associate, especially an equal partner in a business.

    ‘every partner is liable jointly with his copartners’
    • ‘It is not incidental to the general power of a partner to bind his co-partners by such an instrument.’
    • ‘Another problem with these implied terms is that they do not entitle the partners to expel their co-partner, no matter how negligent or fraudulent he might have been.’
    • ‘In coaching, the relationship is much more like business partners: The client is a co-partner in designing the goals.’
    • ‘He can enforce this interest against his co-partners to the extent of seeing that the partnership assets are used for the benefit of the partnership but he cannot assign it to a non-partner.’
    • ‘All the computer engineers, contractors and co-partners involved in the project have met and they are with one voice: it is all looking good.’
    • ‘Unlike a lot of organisations, they don't pretend to know anything about your field and prefer to leave that to the professionals, such as their co-partners Manchester City Music Network.’
    • ‘His co-partner Burke insisted that their venture fulfilled a need and was indeed ‘saleable’, adding: ‘It is important to get it right from the start.’’
    • ‘So he was highly gifted in that area, and a businesslike friend of his suggested they go into business together and run an electrical shop, and my father would be responsible for repairs and be a co-partner.’
    • ‘That's why I think we ought to play for some time and see if we can bring the U.N. into this as a co-partner in this process and turn it over to them later than June 30.’
    • ‘In the early 1980s, four co-partners founded Windsor Communications Co., a design firm specializing in creative work for the entertainment industry.’
    • ‘Dawes's hope is that a variety of programs will help ‘all poets in the state see themselves as co-partners in the work of the Poetry Initiative.’’
    • ‘Number three is that it's not that doctors don't know what to do, but that patients need to become responsible co-partners in their own care, and that was evident as well in our findings.’
    • ‘However, in the course of a winding up, the court has power to make a order requiring an outgoing partner to sell his or her share to his or her co-partners.’
    • ‘My three co-partners all have cut way back on their work for this website for the very same reason.’
    • ‘I had contact with a yachting firm in Auckland who had a co-partner in Los Angeles and they asked could we host and billet astronomers and we said yes.’
    • ‘Just ask Naomi Miller, an architectural lighting designer based in Troy, N.Y. Miller joined a lighting firm in San Francisco as a co-partner in 1991.’
    • ‘Within a short space of time he had become an unofficial political errand boy for the administration and a co-partner in its crimes.’
    • ‘That point about balance is interesting because Christine writes about having a co-partner rather than a martyr.’
    • ‘Morris Ruskin, co-partner of Shoreline confirmed ‘We are reinventing the franchise by taking it back to the edge and style of the original comic book.’’
    • ‘But now he says he is willing to co-partner with Parcells on personnel choices - or pull back even more.’
    fellow worker, workmate, teammate, co-worker, associate, partner, co-partner, collaborator, ally, comrade, companion, confederate



/ˈkōˌpärtnər/ /ˈkoʊˌpɑrtnər/