Definition of copayment in English:


(also copay)

Pronunciation /kōˈpāmənt/ /koʊˈpeɪmənt/

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  • A payment made by a beneficiary (especially for health services) in addition to that made by an insurer.

    ‘A federal law designed to cut Medicare costs would have had the perverse effect in at least one state of increasing Medicare costs and patient copayments.’
    • ‘Therefore, everyone would need to decide whether to obtain additional insurance for uncovered services and copayments.’
    • ‘Canada funds hospital and physician services almost entirely through taxes (93% and 98%, respectively, in 2003) while other countries commonly apply copayments for these services.’
    • ‘The very poor will benefit by being exempt from the estimated $420 annual premium and having nearly all of their copayments covered by the government.’
    • ‘Patients are required to pay a copayment for services provided by hospital-owned outpatient wound care departments (HOPDs).’
    • ‘A while ago, a nice pharmacy clerk informed me that the prescription drug I was taking was actually cheaper if I paid for it myself instead of paying my insurance plan's copayment.’
    • ‘Over 80% of in-hospital medical services had no copayment in June 2003, up from around 50% in June 2000.’
    • ‘A principal feature of the healthcare philosophy is that of individual responsibility for health and the need for copayment for services provided.’
    • ‘In addition, we do not know with certainty the reason for loss of savings, whether the problem stemmed principally from lost income, lack of insurance, copayments, or out-of-hospital expenses.’
    • ‘For patients with insurance, copayments for generic versions are lower than those for brand-name medications.’
    • ‘The price consumers have to pay now is often higher than the insurance copayment they were responsible for when the drug was prescription-only.’
    • ‘It checks that the patient has valid health insurance and verifies his copayment before he comes in.’
    • ‘Now there is pressure by employers to increase copayments and require higher deductibles, shifting the rising cost of care to the individual.’
    • ‘Insurance policies that do cover alternative therapies generally have high deductibles and copayments.’
    • ‘Morris also suggests that copayments are one way to control costs, since they act as a deterrent on consumption.’
    • ‘Finally, she reported that she could have my car picked up and serviced, and that, with the $10-per-hour copayment for errands, the cost would be $35.’
    • ‘As insurance costs go up, employers cut back - sometimes reducing coverage, reducing financial support, or increasing deductibles and copayments.’
    • ‘It will still grow much faster than inflation even after beneficiaries face increased copayments and the likely loss of some benefits.’
    • ‘The hotels then terminated the pact and for the first time imposed health care copayments for employee family members.’
    • ‘If a modest patient copayment were imposed, many prescriptions could be provided at zero cost to the taxpayer.’