Definition of copiable in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkäpēəbəl/ /ˈkɑpiəbəl/


  • Able to be copied, especially legitimately photocopied.

    ‘it is in the nature of software that it must be copiable to be produced’
    • ‘We don't yet understand, as it were, the anatomy of the mental well enough to say exactly what quaint confusion the fantasies of downloadable / copiable mental data are trading on - but it's a fair bet that the next 50 years will change that.’
    • ‘Landow reminds us that virtual texts exist only as easily copiable and modifiable versions, derivatives of something else.’
    • ‘This ability becomes part of the copiable values for the copy, along with any other abilities that were copied.’
    • ‘This effect is not copiable but will change text that appears later due to an effect.’
    • ‘The teacher guides have lesson plans for each text book unit of work, background data and copiable activity sheets.’
    • ‘Even though that ability isn't in itself being copied, it was given by a copy effect and is copiable.’
    • ‘Each book comprises of seven sessions with copiable resources and facilitator notes.’
    • ‘These worksheets and flashcards are fully copiable for use in class or as homework.’
    • ‘During one-at-a-time copying, the strip of print paper is advanced one print at a time, and the strip of originals is advanced until the next copiable original arrives at the most downstream station.’
    • ‘This is copiable and modifiable to suit your situation.’
    • ‘These strange snowmen characters are totally copiable, so you can have unlimited amounts of them and are illuminated so they look great at day and even better at night!’
    • ‘Everything I've created, on this website and elsewhere, is copiable without restrictions.’