Definition of copolymer in English:



  • A polymer made by reaction of two different monomers, with units of more than one kind.

    ‘To attain a better insight into the stabilizing mechanisms, computational studies, X-ray diffraction analysis, structure changes in dye monomers, polymers and copolymers and other approaches are currently in progress in our group.’
    • ‘More than one compound can be used as the monomer, producing copolymers or terpolymers.’
    • ‘The coating composition is the reaction product of a water-dispersible cross-linking agent and a water-based copolymer prepared by free-radical polymerization.’
    • ‘This involved optimising the ratio of ether and carbonate groups in the copolymer.’
    • ‘From the copolymer consisting of two protein units and four water molecules a single unit was extracted with one structural water molecule preserved.’



/kōˈpäləmər/ /koʊˈpɑləmər/