Definition of copolymerize in English:


(British copolymerise)

Pronunciation /ˌkōˈpäləmərīz/ /ˌkoʊˈpɑləməraɪz/

transitive verb

[with object]Chemistry
  • Polymerize together to form a copolymer.

    ‘these fibers have small amounts of chloroethene copolymerized with the propenenitrile’
    • ‘two different monomers are caused to copolymerize’
    • ‘We had noted the same effect in a previous study, where a modified Rh6G dye molecule was copolymerized with methacrylic monomers, resulting in a laser material with considerably augmented photostability.’
    • ‘When copolymerized with butyl acrylate it makes an excellent interior flat paint.’
    • ‘In this study, we show that TMR-actin perturbs the filaments structure when copolymerized with unlabeled actin; the resulting filaments are more fragile and shorter than the control filaments.’