Definition of coprophagy in English:



(also coprophagia)
  • The eating of feces or dung.

    ‘Some animals have overcome this deficiency by consuming the faeces or cecal content containing the microbes using a strategy termed coprophagy or cecotrophy respectively.’
    • ‘It is interesting to note that non-human animals do just this, by indulging in coprophagy when their internal ecology has been disturbed.’
    • ‘Yes, they indulge in coprophagy or, more bluntly, poo-eating.’
    • ‘One senses that no one is paying a blind bit of attention, for the affairs of the province are as taboo in British society as coprophagy.’
    • ‘Drylots were cleaned daily to remove waste and reduce the risk of coprophagy.’



/kəˈpräfəjē/ /kəˈprɑfədʒi/