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another term for helicopter
‘The rotors started to spin up and they hurriedly jumped to the roof a few feet below, ducking to avoid the backwash from the spinning propellers as the copter lifted off the heliport and headed into the night skyline.’
  • ‘Blair set his aside and just looked out the window as the copter lifted off.’
  • ‘The only aid they received was military rations and water bottles dropped by helicopters, after which the copters rapidly quit the scene.’
  • ‘The copter landed on Shikaku's private helicopter pad.’
  • ‘On the hardware side, making more twin-engine helicopters available would limit the risk of a copter losing juice at altitude.’
  • ‘He strapped himself in next to me, and took my hand as the copter took off.’
  • ‘The hail of energy pulses was too much for the copter's armoured hull to take, as it exploded and debris rained down onto the street far below.’
  • ‘Also before the retreat fire every single rocket launcher you have got at those damn copters, take as many out as possible then pull back.’
  • ‘The orb then filled with electricity that shocked the copter and its pilots.’
  • ‘I heard angels' wings, but they were really only the spinning rotors of the copter.’
  • ‘He was practically surrounded by copters loaded with heavily armed Secret Service agents who could ruin your day in a heartbeat.’
  • ‘The craft, which was very sleek and fairly small, made for a getaway as it dropped something from under it and a blue serge of energy twirled from the front of the craft and shot at one of the nearby news copters.’
  • ‘I thought, remembering the fun we used to have outwitting the police copters by crawling underneath parked cars until we reached safety.’
  • ‘So I hear the copters overhead, and I see Chris dangling from one of them on a rope, he's going to drop into my house like some kind of superhero.’
  • ‘Looking out of the bus window, I saw tank traps, sandbagged trenches, tank emplacements, barbed wire, low flying copters.’
  • ‘And while the copters here move faster, this has been somehow negated by their increased size, now around two times as big as before!’
  • ‘The hovering news copters we'd heard earlier were now directly overhead and making so much racket that we had to shout.’
  • ‘The news copters weren't following us anymore they were focused on the tunnel explosion.’
  • ‘We already had a malfunction and we both tried to get the copter on the ground.’
  • ‘From a copter normally used for maintenance checks on tracks and power lines, officers are patrolling vandalism hot spots in Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside, and Cumbria.’



/ˈkäptər/ /ˈkɑptər/