Definition of cor pulmonale in English:

cor pulmonale


  • Abnormal enlargement of the right side of the heart as a result of disease of the lungs or the pulmonary blood vessels.

    ‘Without treatment, pulmonary hypertension can progress to cor pulmonale: right heart failure associated with pulmonary disease and pulmonary vascular disease in the absence of congenital heart disease or left sided heart disease.’
    • ‘A 41-year-old man underwent a heart/lung transplant in February 1997 for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and cor pulmonale.’
    • ‘Nevertheless she passed her exams effortlessly, was awarded a doctorate for her research into cor pulmonale arising from lung diseases in the black population, and went on to pursue a career in anatomical pathology.’
    • ‘Postoperatively, the patient was managed in the critical care unit for 15 days owing to a series of pulmonary complications including pneumonia, pulmonary edema, and cor pulmonale.’
    • ‘Arterial hypoxemia, a frequent complication of lung disease, can lead to pulmonary hypertension and cor pulmonale.’


cor pulmonale

/ˌkôr ˌpo͝olməˈnalē/ /ˌkɔr ˌpʊlməˈnæli/ /ˌkôr ˌpəlməˈnālē/ /ˌkɔr ˌpəlməˈneɪli/


Mid 19th century from Latin cor ‘heart’ and modern Latin pulmonalis (from Latin pulmo(n-) ‘lung’).