Definition of cordiform in English:



  • Heart-shaped.

    ‘The map is not, strictly speaking, a cordiform projection, but rather the artist's creative design.’
    • ‘Attractive medium-sized generally conical to cordiform and short wedge-shaped fruit is formed in good yields.’
    • ‘After sporadic usage, the cordiform projection all but disappeared by the 18th century in favor of the Bonne projection.’
    • ‘Art historians have conjectured that the cordiform book in this painting represents a prayer book, and one of the extant heart-shaped books is a 15th-century prayer book of similar form.’
    • ‘The map is also one of the very few cordiform projection world maps obtainable.’
    • ‘Solitary cells or cordiform couples are always slightly distant from one another with remarkable spaces between them, sometimes slightly radially displaced from one another.’
    • ‘The cordiform projection employed by Oronce Fine, Gerard Mercator and Abraham Ortelius may have had a hermetic meaning.’
    • ‘In the northern part of the cordiform World map he wrote the name Asia on each side of the central meridian to cover both present-day North America and Asia which were represented as one continent.’



/ˈkôrdəˌfôrm/ /ˈkɔrdəˌfɔrm/