Definition of cordless in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkôrdləs/ /ˈkɔrdləs/

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  • (of an electrical appliance or phone) working without connection to a main supply or central unit.

    ‘It's not the prettiest phone in the world but my main desire was a cordless phone with an answerphone and speed-dial and this was the cheapest one of those.’
    • ‘As with any cordless phone, you can use the handset to make and receive calls over your regular home line.’
    • ‘The system according to the invention can be used in cordless telephones.’
    • ‘Michael was waiting for Erin when she returned to the main house, the cordless phone in his hand.’
    • ‘In these days of cordless appliances, it is easy to lose all sorts of things.’
    • ‘A cordless phone uses a radio frequency to communicate with its base, which is then tethered to the plain old telephone network.’
    • ‘She went for Adrian's cordless phone and dialled in the number for Christian before handing it to him.’
    • ‘But there's a problem that all cordless phones share, no matter what frequency they use: low volume.’
    • ‘Eircom has started its largest media campaign this year to mark the launch of a new range of digital cordless phones.’
    • ‘Hoping they weren't already in bed, I picked up Chandler's cordless telephone and dialed my number.’
    • ‘There are cordless phones that can be hooked up to company switchboards, using the same technology as home cordless phones.’
    • ‘Tanya didn't know how she could survive without the TV and cordless phone; that was for sure.’
    • ‘Items like cordless phones decrease the need to be tied to a fixed location.’
    • ‘Her mother was in the kitchen at the table, cordless phone in her hand.’
    • ‘I stood and went across the room to grab Mitch's cordless phone and then sat back down next to him again.’
    • ‘I turned my music down a little and reached for my purple, cordless telephone.’
    • ‘Marcus hurtled his cordless phone across the living room of his condo unit after Hannah hung up on him.’
    • ‘He had been exposed to microwaves from cellular telephones and cordless telephones for several years.’
    • ‘Like a cordless telephone, it links to a base station using radio frequencies.’
    • ‘Jaime looked at Ava listening in on the other cordless phone with the MUTE button on.’


usually the cordless
  • A cordless phone.

    ‘I keep the cordless with me at all times’
    • ‘I didn't need to run out of my room to get the cordless because I knew my mom would answer it.’
    • ‘As I listened carefully to the message I scanned the room for the cordless.’
    • ‘I get the cordless from the living room and dial the number I found.’
    • ‘Running to the cordless in the hallway she quickly dialled in the numbers she now knew so well.’
    • ‘She rushed to the living room and snatched up the cordless.’
    • ‘She had wanted to buy a cordless, but Scott had convinced her that they didn't need a new phone, that one would do just fine.’
    • ‘I sighed and searched for the cordless, found it on the couch in the living room, then dialed Sed's number.’
    • ‘Eyes closed, she reached to the nightstand and grabbed the cordless, pulling it under the covers with her.’
    • ‘When she went in, her gaze flickered around in search for the cordless.’
    • ‘My dad answered and I heard him laughing a moment after as he entered the living room, holding the cordless out for me.’
    • ‘Dora had hardly taken a step when the cordless went off in her hand.’
    • ‘She pressed a button to disconnect, chucked the cordless onto the counter and then collapsed onto a nearby couch with a heavy sigh.’
    • ‘I walked into my room and picked up the cordless, shuffling through papers to find my school directory.’
    • ‘He was balancing the cordless between his ear and his shoulder and tending to Emily's diaper with his hands.’
    • ‘I hear her sigh a little and get up to grab the cordless from the wall.’
    • ‘After all, you've gotta admit you'd easily set a world record for longest chat on a cordless if left on your own.’
    • ‘He reached over for the cordless on the floor and picked it up.’
    • ‘He picked up the cordless from my desk and began tossing it up and down.’
    • ‘Shaking her head Forest brought herself back to reality and placed the black cordless on its stand.’
    • ‘She rolled over, reaching around for the cordless which lay haphazardly on the coffee table.’