Definition of core competency in English:

core competency


  • 1A defining capability or advantage that distinguishes an enterprise from its competitors.

    ‘The dual vision of better, more stable markets and the desire to have a core competency advantage reflected in its products keeps the company focused on making the needed remodelings.’
    • ‘It is Toyota's underlying marketing/design, engineering and manufacturing approach that is the source of its enormous competitive advantage and the core competency that has allowed it to steadily grow worldwide market share.’
    • ‘Managers know that building a talent pool is as much a core competency as is creating strategic advantage or championing change.’
    • ‘Breaking the group down into companies with a change manager in place and those without one, 52 percent and 19 percent, respectively, believe that change management is a core competency.’
    • ‘Are you giving away your brand equity or core competency when you do that?’
    • ‘Over the years, governments, like many other enterprises, have discovered that their core competency is not software development.’
    • ‘‘We went into this with the conventional wisdom that running a call center was not a core competency of ours, but we realized it was after all,’ he says.’
    • ‘Consultants who are independent of auditing and accounting can better focus on their core competency of solving increasingly complex business problems.’
    • ‘For Augustine Medical, patent management was becoming a core competency.’
    • ‘Maybe you guys should quit dispensing uninformed political advice and stick with your core competency: reporting business news.’
    • ‘Our core competency is about growing our new brand.’
    • ‘In those cases, it makes more sense to leverage an outsider's investment in technology, although Sinton adds that that approach should never be taken for processes that are a company's strategic driver or core competency.’
    • ‘In short, by taking a new view and a new approach to managing data, marketers will be able to focus on strategizing and making sound marketing investments - which is their core competency - not on wrestling with reams of data.’
    • ‘ChartOne wanted to be able to focus its resources on its core competency - the creation of medical information-related applications - while relying on a third party for the storage solution.’
    • ‘This means identifying the one thing you really do best (hint: It's the business you're already in) and letting this core competency guide your decision making.’
    • ‘Flexibility has to be a core competency, both culturally and skill-wise, and it has to be written into the agreement.’
    • ‘Few companies can claim a core competency in learning processes - especially today, with the shift to more technology-enabled learning options.’
    • ‘‘When we stay close to our core competency, we beat them,’ says Adobe Systems Inc.’
    • ‘Beyond cost cutting, BPO is also viewed as a strategic tool, allowing companies to jettison functions that fall outside their core competency.’
    • ‘But focusing on a particular product segment, or a particular market sector, or a particular core competency is not the same thing as having a big idea.’
    1. 1.1A defined level of competence in a particular job or academic program.
      ‘He measured the relationship of self-assessed core competency levels and self-assessed service performance, defined as frequency of performance of public health job tasks, at a US metropolitan health department.’
      • ‘MPI is currently developing a program that will define core competencies necessary for meeting professionals to move from one level to the next.’
      • ‘This common level of proficiency would define the core competencies of the CA at entry to the profession.’
      • ‘Following the assessment of core competencies, the report says, several programs are being developed to ensure that administrative offices and academic departments are able to reach the established expectations.’
      • ‘The Task Force has collaborated since 1999 to determine and develop a set of skills or core competencies needed to conduct effective Public Issues Education programs.’
      • ‘National consensus has been reached over what components constitute the core competencies of CAs, and over the level of knowledge expected of newly qualified CAs.’