Definition of core French in English:

core French


  • (in Canada) a program of French instruction in English-speaking schools.

    ‘I spent three years teaching core French at the elementary level’
    • ‘a former core French teacher’
    • ‘I used Bach et Bottine in my core French classes.’
    • ‘The core French vocabulary for each section of the topic was typed on one side of a card with the English on the back.’
    • ‘Currently, core French language, sciences and humanities courses are taught to immersion students in French.’
    • ‘When I had finished, I had covered - and incorporated a lot of review on - half of what is required for grade 9 core French!’
    • ‘Elementary advanced verb charts are useful in grade nine applied core French as well.’
    • ‘Full-day programmes in the minority language cost the province less than the 20-minute-per-day programmes for core French as a second language.’
    • ‘In core French classes, the teacher could speak only in French, depending on the level.’
    • ‘Many students take core French lessons in Grades 5-8.’
    • ‘"The increase in the enrolment for French-immersion programs cannot compensate for the decrease in the core French programs," Corbeil said.’
    • ‘"It just puts you ahead," says the Grade 11 Centennial Collegiate student, who's taking a core French class.’