Definition of core workout in English:

core workout


  • An exercise session that strengthens the muscles of the torso, especially the lower back and abdominal area.

    ‘I guess it is a good core workout trying to keep your balance.’
    • ‘McLain's cutting-edge exercises are designed to work all four abdominal muscles and your spine extensors for a complete core workout.’
    • ‘While the slide board offered a solid core workout when utilized in its purest capacity, there was little room for creative choreography.’
    • ‘We do a lot of abs and core workout.’
    • ‘Now 46, Cory has downshifted her ab training; it's paired with low back in a core workout she does 2-3 days a week.’
    • ‘But what do these mean, and why do you need a core workout, anyway?’
    • ‘Great for dancers interested in supplementing class with a core workout and/or those who want to work their abs and flexibility at home.’
    • ‘"It works your chest, triceps, shoulders and forearms, and as a bonus, you get a great core workout because of the continuous twisting."’
    • ‘Next time you're sort on time and still want to get in a thorough ab and core workout, use the crunch and switch your focus from the rectus technique to the oblique technique with each set.’
    • ‘For a complete core workout, do exercises that involve a variety of motions—rotation, flexion and extension—while using balance tools to challenge stability.’
    • ‘AS a rough guide, he recommends using a 5- to 10-pound ball for tossing exercises, a 10- to 20-pound ball for a solid core workout, and anything more than 20 pounds for a leg routine that on building the quads and hamstrings.’
    • ‘The following 15-minute core workout targets your midsection with six exercises, moving from your lower abs to your core, then to your upper abs and finally to your lower back.’
    • ‘You could also try splitting your midsection routine into abdominal and core workouts, training abs on pull day and doing core strengthening on push day.’
    • ‘"Core workouts, like the ones I do with my trainer, give fast, targeted results."’