Definition of corkboard in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkôrkˌbôrd/ /ˈkɔrkˌbɔrd/


  • 1North American A lightweight, fire-resistant material made of compressed cork.

    ‘the coasters from today's DIY project are made of corkboard’
    • ‘I then fitted each of the three frames with corkboard.’
    • ‘To give the screen added function, I fitted the back with corkboard.’
    • ‘A few squares were cut from corkboard for posting pics of all her pals.’
    • ‘I mounted the corkboard on 1/4-inch foamcore to accommodate any size thumbtack.’
    • ‘I thought I'd cover my bedroom in corkboard and then tack up notes for a groundbreaking, sweeping study cutting to the very essence of something-or-other.’
    • ‘A range of roofing insulation products can be used, including fiberboard, fiberglass, perlite, cellular glass, corkboard, polyurethane and polystyrene.’
    • ‘Use fabric-covered corkboard as an attractive way to display recent snapshots.’
    • ‘Don't be put off by the bland face-brick entrance for inside is all white-leather booths, curved corners, corkboard walls and cool, carpeted standing space.’
    • ‘The bedroom has corkboard on the walls and slanted, naturally-wooden ceilings with two skylights.’
    1. 1.1A bulletin board with a corkboard surface.
      ‘she keeps a corkboard on her wall decorated with pictures of women and children she has met’
      • ‘a note posted on the corkboard caught my eye’
      • ‘She points to the piece of paper on the corkboard.’
      • ‘I think we should just pin up the proof on the corkboard.’
      • ‘Place a large piece of blank paper over a corkboard.’
      • ‘The company's office (located in a converted piano factory) features a corkboard decorated with the "fun" photos.’
      • ‘Above the greeting table, the donuts and steaming coffee was the church's community corkboard.’
      • ‘This is essentially a very small dock applet that looks like a corkboard.’
      • ‘Maybe I'll finally get rid of the 2002 calendar I have hanging on my corkboard.’
      • ‘Anything we come up with that sounds funny, we write on an index card and put on the corkboard.’
      • ‘There's this great big corkboard and on it were tacked postcards.’
      • ‘Hank confessed himself astonished at the number of delivery menus Logan had stuck to the corkboard by his phone in the kitchen.’