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(also cornfed)
  • 1Fed on corn.

    ‘corn-fed chickens’
    • ‘Cannelloni a la infanta followed, a tasty pasta appetiser, and then came braised corn-fed chicken breast filled with aubergine, sobrasada and honey.’
    • ‘My wife's lemon and thyme marinated corn-fed chicken breast was succulent and fresh, and accompanied by roast potatoes cooked in herbs and a roast pepper relish.’
    • ‘The corn-fed spring chicken with boulangère potatoes and thyme gravy was a double treat, with the breast confit and the leg roasted.’
    • ‘Leaving aside service so patchy it was almost threadbare, I don't like overdone halibut, while Michael wasn't impressed with his corn-fed chicken with pomme Berny and truffle froth.’
    • ‘He humphed as he skinned the organic, free-range, corn-fed chicken breast.’
    • ‘One can only assume that the angry couple had also ordered the lovely, tender, corn-fed chicken with a rosemary and garlic sauce and the Buccleuch steak with colcannon potatoes and a red wine gravy.’
    • ‘Fine steaks, corn-fed chicken, delicious wines all at less than half the price of their coastal neighbours.’
    • ‘Is it against the cause to crave the occasional steak, or a happy corn-fed organic chicken?’
    • ‘The menu included a selection of teas and sandwiches, which included ‘finger sandwiches’ of wild smoked salmon, ‘refreshing cucumber’, Limerick ham and corn-fed chicken.’
    • ‘Menus that offer succulent, corn-fed baby chicken, drizzled with a tingling lemon sauce probably take this principle to extremes.’
    • ‘Solar panels and windmills provide heat and light, while openings in the houses (where the corn-fed chickens spend the night) are rotated to preserve the grass from erosion.’
    • ‘My aunt had the breast of corn-fed chicken with pea risotto and Madeira syrup.’
    • ‘Be won over by his pressed terrine of corn-fed chicken, scallops, risotto, sea bream with linguine and fishcakes with a chive beurre blanc.’
    • ‘The roast corn-fed chicken with wild mushrooms, artichokes, potatoes and crispy ham also went down very well.’
    • ‘The death rates among the GM corn-fed chickens was double that of the ones eating conventional corn.’
    • ‘His roast chicken is fantastic, a juicy corn-fed bird with an immaculately crisped, golden skin whose flavour suggested it had led a jolly decent life.’
    • ‘It's the same thing with beef, corn-fed beef from the States just doesn't compare to Western Canadian beef that's been pastured and then fattened up on wheat and barley.’
    • ‘They will be corn-fed, watered, and given fresh hay to sleep on.’
    • ‘Paul Heathcote's easy but elegant dish combines succulent corn fed chicken with wild mushrooms and buttery baby leeks.’
    • ‘Freedom Food labelled Devonshire Red Corn-fed Chicken is now available in a number of major retailers.’
    1. 1.1US informal Plump; well fed.
      • ‘a minister of corn-fed opulence’
      • ‘Middle-class, first-time parents will man the patrols with a three-wheel Bugaboo pushchair carrying their corn-fed, mop-topped urchins.’
      • ‘I don't think so, there is something corn-fed about those flawless complexions.’
      • ‘And why do I have to have a cockpit the size of the Great Court at the British Library just because a fat slob in Ohio can't get a seatbelt round his corn-fed gut?’
      big, burly, heavy, tall, bulky, thickset, heavyset, chunky, strapping, powerfully built, hefty, muscular, muscle-bound, brawny, muscly, husky, solid, powerful, sturdy, solidly built, broad-shouldered, strong, big and strong, rugged, Herculean
    2. 1.2US informal Provincial; unsophisticated.
      • ‘a backward, corn-fed Heartland city’
      • ‘To the big-city lesbian who comes for a visit with friends and finds a John Deere tractor parked in the airport terminal, Sioux City is corn-fed country.’
      • ‘I know Ledger is Australian, but the two come across like a pair of corn-fed Midwestern American football players.’
      • ‘He is also this tall, skinny guy with blonde spikes and blue eyes, so he really just looks Californian, where he was born, but he talks like a corn-fed kid from a farm with Dorothy and Toto.’
      • ‘As Emily is a good corn-fed Midwestern girl who hasn't left the nest until now, she is excited by the possibilities of this assignment.’
      • ‘Along comes Betty Elms, a corn-fed blonde straight out of Deep River, Ontario, trailing the faint scent of Lynch's Twin Peaks ingénue Laura Palmer.’
      unsophisticated, narrow-minded, parochial, small-town, suburban, insular, parish-pump, inward-looking, limited, restricted, localist, conservative, narrow



/ˈkôrnˌfed/ /ˈkɔrnˌfɛd/