Definition of corn chip in English:

corn chip


  • A salty chip made with ground corn and typically eaten as a snack.

    ‘the corn chips were good quality—thick, crunchy, and flavorsome’
    • ‘Serve with carrot sticks, celery sticks or blue corn chips.’
    • ‘Processed foods such as cakes, cookies, mayonnaise, and corn chips contain hydrogenated oil.’
    • ‘For the uninitiated, it is melted cheese, salsa, sour cream and guacamole on top of a load of corn chips.’
    • ‘When you sit at the bar you get a bowl of corn chips and salsa while you decide on a cocktail.’
    • ‘Serve the chilli with steamed rice and corn chips and an avocado salsa.’
    • ‘There are corn chips and an onion dip on a platter that the women in the group hand around.’
    • ‘Nachos are corn chips spread with cheese and Jalapeno peppers.’
    • ‘I buy organic blue corn chips and carrots to snack on at work.’
    • ‘Teens have grown used to buying corn chips and whatever for snacks, instead of cookies.’
    • ‘I thought, 'I'll get the corn chips out of the cupboard so I can get ready to compile my nachos.'’