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corn crib

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(also corncrib)
North American
  • A bin or ventilated building for storing ears of corn.

    ‘A hay shed, a partially used machine shed, an unused corn crib, or any other shelter with a roof will be better than exposing your hay to what Mother Nature dishes out this summer.’
    • ‘He had said once that he'd tear down an old corn crib for another farmer, hoping to get a little bit of salvageable wood out of the old structure.’
    • ‘They will imprison the dog in the corn crib, and if after a few weeks he fails to show signs of disease, they'll let him out.’
    • ‘Then we stood up and we both walked outside and he went into the corn crib as I followed him.’
    • ‘One of the victims of the raids, James Cornells, lost his home and corn crib to fire, while the hostile warriors kidnapped his wife and sold her as a slave.’


corn crib

/ˈkôrn ˌkrib/ /ˈkɔrn ˌkrɪb/