Definition of corn dodger in English:

corn dodger


  • 1US A small, hard fried or baked cornmeal cake.

    ‘Remove the corn dodgers and let cool on a paper towel, spread with a little butter or molasses, and you have a real southern treat’
    • ‘Also called johnny cake or journey cake, hoe cake, ash cake, bannock, griddle cake and corn dodger, these were the common breads.’
    • ‘In some parts of the South, these corn sticks are known as corn pone; in other parts, corn dodgers.’
    • ‘She made the corn dodgers and wrapped them in corn husks.’
    • ‘It is a kind of corn cake, Molly told me, the parent, so to speak, of the corn dodger, and the grandparent of hoecake.’
    • ‘Corn was the staple in their diet and they used corn meal to make such breads as hoe cake, corn dodger and Indian Pone.’
    • ‘John Wayne would love this bread - a welcome respite from the 175 corn dodgers that Chen Lee packed in his saddle bags in the wonderful movie, ‘True Grit’.’
    • ‘Remove the corn dodgers and let cool.’
    1. 1.1A boiled cornmeal dumpling.
      ‘Corn pone was made in a covered pan or oven, Johnny cake was baked on a board in front of the fire, and corn dodgers made into balls and cooked.’
      • ‘It would be better, methinks, to have real deep-fried cornydogs to go with the corn dodgers.’
      • ‘Variations include corn dodgers, dropped into the hot ‘pot liquor’ left over from cooking turnip greens, and hushpuppies, mixed with onion and deep fried.’


corn dodger

/ˈkôrn ˌdäjər/ /ˈkɔrn ˌdɑdʒər/