Definition of corn earworm in English:

corn earworm


  • An American moth caterpillar that is a pest of corn, cotton, and tomatoes.

    Also called bollworm, "cotton bollworm", tomato fruitworm

    Heliothis zea, family Noctuidae

    ‘They are economical to raise, however, and mass releases can be very effective against corn earworm, cabbageworms, loopers, hornworms, codling moth and other leaf-eating caterpillars.’
    • ‘The life cycle of the fall armyworm is similar to those of the corn earworm and armyworm.’
    • ‘Among the Mexican free-tailed's favorite meals is the corn earworm, a crop-raiding pest that savages cornfields from Texas to Canada.’
    • ‘Another pest commonly observed in the ears during the late summer is the corn earworm.’
    • ‘Big-eyed bugs appear to prefer the mobile pea aphids to the eggs of corn earworm even though the latter are more nutritious.’