Definition of corn on the cob in English:

corn on the cob

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  • Corn when cooked and eaten straight from the cob; an ear of corn.

    ‘Around her, hundreds of people were also enjoying barbecue beef sandwiches and corn on the cob.’
    • ‘My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw that dinner for the evening was to consist of rough hewn pork, corn on the cob, a messy cabbage-type salad and what I presumed were beef cutlets.’
    • ‘Serve with steak fries, corn on the cob (you can do that on the grill, too), and the simplest salad you can think of.’
    • ‘If you like sweetcorn, try the corn on the cob - it was delicious, all barbecued and crispy.’
    • ‘My Mom is making an All-American meal: burgers, corn on the cob, freshly made fries, and apple pie.’
    • ‘Dad barbecued some steaks, and Mom made potato salad and corn on the cob.’
    • ‘We had herbed chicken, beef brisket, chili beans, fruit salad and corn on the cob.’
    • ‘The ‘pearly whites’ of the corn on the cob, burst sweetly and milkily in your mouth straight off - roasting this variety, at least, was unnecessary.’
    • ‘This dish is pure luxury: a glorious pile of clams, mussels, corn on the cob, spicy sausage, and a bright-red lobster, all roasted on a bed of seaweed and served table-side.’
    • ‘While the food is unpretentious - steak, corn on the cob, beans, cowboy coffee - it's fresh and of top-drawer quality, and nobody goes away hungry.’