Definition of corn roast in English:

corn roast


  • An outdoor party at which fresh ears of sweet corn are roasted and eaten.

    ‘The protesters were trying to disrupt a Liberal corn roast hosted by Canadian Foreign Minister Pierre Pettigrew at Parc Patro Le Prévost, on Christophe-Colomb and Jean-Talon, but were not allowed in.’
    • ‘The Simon Fraser Student Society had a large presence in the mall throughout the week, introducing itself to students by hosting a free corn roast on Tuesday afternoon and a free pancake breakfast on Wednesday morning.’
    • ‘Especially play these up if your gathering is informal - a corn roast, a bonfire, a jeans and sweater evening.’
    • ‘They've also been used for pancake feeds and corn roasts.’


corn roast

/kôrn rōst/ /kɔrn roʊst/