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  • 1Having a specified number of places or angles where the edges or sides meet.

    ‘young boys in six-cornered hats’
    • ‘The 4-cornered box shape is an important shape to any foundation.’
    • ‘On the hill where the Bee Man had once pictured a whole village of round houses, a sharp cornered old folk's home loomed large.’
    • ‘At the Federal election there was a 3-cornered contest in the vacant seat of Moncrieff.’
    • ‘With new buildings, strategically placing windows and eliminating isolated or cornered areas can all make an area safer.’
    • ‘We also note that your human groups tend to build, for the most part, the cornered or square habitations — but they do not concentrate power.’
    • ‘If you have the older, round cornered panels, there is now a poly panel cap available that will make your panels safer for horses.’
    • ‘The earth is a four cornered slab.’
    • ‘It's second only to "baby tries to walk and falls down, slamming face into sharp cornered end table."’
    • ‘Because when your head is down you forget that there is a heavy and sharp cornered mahogany shelf right about where you've placed your forehead.’
    1. 1.1Having a specified number of parties involved.
      ‘a three-cornered meeting was being arranged in Hong Kong’
      • ‘In 3 - cornered contests it helps Labor, as in these seats, Labor generally has the higher primary vote.’
      • ‘Next month's National Assembly election will see a five-cornered contest for the Ceredigion seat in Cardiff Bay.’
  • 2(of a person or animal) forced into a place or situation from which it is hard to escape.

    ‘nothing is more dangerous than a cornered wild beast’
    • ‘His jump may have been the desperate reaction of any cornered animal.’
    • ‘The way they are excited, they are like cornered animals.’
    • ‘Note he, of course, is more the terrified, cornered rat than ever.’
    • ‘We're dealing with a terrified, vicious, cornered rat.’
    • ‘Underachievers, they were known for losing the mildest battle of nerves, not a cornered tiger among them.’
    • ‘A gloomy-looking man at the best of times, Clarke looked like a miserable, cornered beast.’
    • ‘The image of Magna Carta being grudgingly given by a cornered tyrant still remains.’
    • ‘Nothing is more dangerous than a cornered wild beast.’
    • ‘No reason for his heart to be thudding like a cornered stag's.’
    • ‘He looked like a cornered deer.’
    • ‘Now we see the savagery of the cornered beast at 2 percent.’
    • ‘Question is will we meet a sleeping giant or a cornered rat fighting desperately for survival?"’
    • ‘She was sobbing now, paralyzed like a cornered rabbit knowing she was doomed.’
    • ‘Australian captain Ricky Ponting warned of a backlash from his cornered players in the do or die encounter against England on Saturday.’
    • ‘What police are now prepared for is a shoot-out with cornered suspects who have already made clear their willingness to die for their cause.’
    • ‘He's no longer the cornered teenager lashing out reactively.’
    • ‘Jane laughed at the cornered look in her sister's face.’
    • ‘For instance, I didn't recall the cornered man in the second scenario saying he didn't want anyone to get hurt.’
    • ‘She crouched like a cornered animal, her face hidden by the disarranged mass of her hair.’
    • ‘Like a cornered animal, I've got nothing to lose.’



/ˈkôrnərd/ /ˈkɔrnərd/