Definition of cornerwise in English:


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  • At an angle of approximately 45°; diagonally.

    ‘he laid the cloth cornerwise on the polished table’
    • ‘The concept is simple - you have to draw 5 dots in line either horizontally, vertically or cornerwise.’
    • ‘There at church they all wore bright-colored handkerchiefs, folded once cornerwise and tied over their heads and under their chins.’
    • ‘No one can outrun someone by running backwards, so don't try… if you are facing someone and decide to run, step cornerwise back, turning and running at the same time.’
    • ‘This design shows the Arms of the Company supported by men in armour, with four Knaves of Clubs set cornerwise.’
    • ‘First one player then the other places a peg in a hole, each striving to get a ‘mill’ (three pegs in a row but not cornerwise) and also to prevent his opponent from getting a mill.’
    crossways, crosswise, from corner to corner, slanting, slanted, aslant, slant, slantwise, sloping, oblique, inclined, inclining, tilted, tilting, angled, at an angle, cornerwise



/ˈkôrnərˌwīz/ /ˈkɔrnərˌwaɪz/