Definition of coromandel in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkôrəmandəl/ /ˈkɔrəmændəl/


  • 1

    (also coromandel wood, coromandel ebony)
    A fine-grained, grayish-brown wood streaked with black, used in furniture.
    Also called calamander

    ‘The frame is exceptionally fine; it looks like coromandel wood and the textured gray mat is obviously hand-detailed.’
    • ‘Some quality caddies and tea chests were made in coromandel wood and were decorated with inlays of engraved brass, brass thin lines, and shell.’
    • ‘Executed in coromandel wood, each hinged flap mounted with a blue Wedgwood style oval plaque framed with a shaped beveled brass plate and brass rope twist moldings.’
    • ‘The sturdy pillar-like legs which are a hallmark of his style also adorn the fortepiano, which is cased with coromandel wood.’
    • ‘The stopknobs as well as the cheeks are made of coromandel wood.’
  • 2The Sri Lankan tree that yields coromandel wood.

    Diospyros quaesita, family Ebenaceae

    • ‘The following fruit trees are among those grown by the Baiga: mountain black plum, mango, forest mango, white teak, coromandel ebony, wild fig, banyan, Indian quince, and sebasten plum.’


  • Denoting a form of Asian lacquerware with intaglio designs.

    • ‘In fact she was not glad at all, and she continued to think longingly about the beautiful coromandel screen in the apartment below her feet.’


From Coromandel Coast, from which oriental lacquerware was originally transported.