Definition of coronagraph in English:



  • An instrument that blocks out light emitted by the sun's actual surface so that the corona can be observed.

    ‘In other words, a coronagraph produces an artificial solar eclipse.’
    • ‘Their coronagraph - which created a false eclipse by blocking the visible disk of the Sun from the field of view - allowed them to spy on the solar atmosphere.’
    • ‘In addition to its suite of cameras, Skylab was stocked with tons of scientific equipment, including coronagraphs, spectrometers, and ultraviolet and X-ray telescopes.’
    • ‘By the time their orbits take them close to the Sun so they become bright, they are lost in the Sun's glare and require a space-based coronagraph like that on SOHO to be seen.’
    • ‘Solar Heliospheric Activity Research and Prediction Program uses two instruments: an Atmospheric Imaging Assembly and a white light coronagraph.’



/kəˈrōnəˌɡraf/ /kəˈroʊnəˌɡræf/