Definition of coronal suture in English:

coronal suture


  • The transverse suture in the skull separating the frontal bone from the parietal bones.

    ‘Using the same bicoronal incision, the neurosurgeon retracts the scalp to expose the cranium from the coronal suture to the lambdoidal suture.’
    • ‘The sagittal suture extends midline along the vertex of the cranium from the anterior coronal suture line to the posterior lambdoidal suture line.’
    • ‘A large groove (sinus of Breschet) may occur on the intracranial face, parallel to the coronal suture and extending from the bregma to the lesser wing of the sphenoid.’
    • ‘Holes are drilled anterior to the coronal suture and medial to the temporal fusion lines, where the bone is thickest.’
    • ‘The sagittal suture is affected in 40 to 60 percent of cases, the coronal suture in 20 to 30 percent of cases, and the metopic suture in less than 10 percent of cases; true lambdoid synostosis is rare.’


coronal suture

/ˈkôrənəl/ /ˈkɔrənəl/ /kəˈrōnl ˈso͞oCHər/ /kəˈroʊnl ˈsutʃər/