Definition of coronary occlusion in English:

coronary occlusion


  • Partial or total obstruction of a coronary artery, usually resulting in a myocardial infarction (heart attack).

    ‘Then came the breakthrough discoveries that thrombotic coronary occlusion caused myocardial infarction and that balloon catheters could cross the occlusion, squash the thrombus, and re-establish flow.’
    • ‘The mechanisms responsible for acute ischemia include fissure and/or rupture of plaque, stimulation and aggregation of platelets, and eventual thrombus formation, with resultant coronary occlusion.’
    • ‘He had a second coronary occlusion and repeated by-pass surgery in 1990, and he shared insight into the mental disability he experienced following this procedure and described the time required for recovery.’
    • ‘A consummate surgeon and teacher, Cushing died on October 7, 1939, of a coronary occlusion, yet he continues to inspire generations of physicians.’
    • ‘The probability of plaque rupture and coronary occlusion is determined by the biological features of a lesion and not by the degree of stenosis.’