Definition of coronership in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌSHip/


See coroner

‘For his part in this trouble, Nicholas was removed from the coronership in December 1379, and the following August was disfranchised and the burgesses were prohibited from trading, socializing or even speaking with him.’
  • ‘It analyses the contemporary role of the coroner and how the institution of coronership is likely to evolve in the post-Shipman era.’
  • ‘Being partners in the same practice and all based at 23 Lichfield Street gives us the ability to provide a comprehensive and efficient coronership service.’
  • ‘At the time of its deliberations, there were 309 coroners holding 354 coronerships; 13 coroners were engaged full-time and the rest part-time.’
  • ‘Quite apart from the issues of hereditary coronerships staying within a single firm of solicitors, there was also evidence that many local authorities would only appoint somebody who had already got experience as a deputy or an assistant.’