Definition of corporate welfare bum in English:

corporate welfare bum


informal Canadian
  • A business or business executive perceived to be exploiting tax loopholes or benefiting unduly from government subsidies or tax breaks.

    • ‘I'd like to see the corporate welfare bums pay their fair share of taxes’
    • ‘David Lewis, father of Canada's New Democratic Party, was railing against "corporate welfare bums" - big businesses who failed to pay their share of taxes - in 1972.’
    • ‘The magazines he shaped are benefiting from heavy government subsidies and are, in fact, among the corporate welfare bums he hates so intensely.’
    • ‘Who could have anticipated Government subsidies to worthless corporate welfare bums, amounting to $63 billion dollars.’
    • ‘His budget plans were all based on help the rich, screw the poor, keep giving big subsidies to Big Oil and other corporate welfare bums, and keep defence spending high.’
    • ‘They've got a winner if they say it's in the interest of fighting crony capitalism aka corporate welfare bums.’
    • ‘Subsidies pander to "corporate welfare bums" who could do just as well without any handouts.’
    • ‘The company characterized the new entrants as "all-time corporate welfare bums."’


1970s popularized by Canadian politician David Lewis (1909–81) of the New Democratic Party during the 1972 federal election.