Definition of corporately in English:



See corporate

‘High Rise tells the story of a newly opened, fully self-contained, 40 story apartment block built on the outskirts of London, corporately owned and administered by the residents.’
  • ‘Seattle-based Boeing is coming north of the border corporately for the first time tomorrow with a marketing presentation to airlines, airports, politicians and businessmen on the benefits of the Dreamliner.’
  • ‘But the problem is that media is also corporately owned and, therefore, probably limited in its ability to be ‘objective’ in these matters.’
  • ‘We have to want the process of the management of Australian life, politically, corporately and culturally to change and we have to have the engagement and will to do it.’
  • ‘Public reclamation of corporately privatized space is rare.’



/ˈkôrp(ə)rətlē/ /ˈkɔrp(ə)rətli/