Definition of corporatocracy in English:


nounplural noun corporatocracies

  • A society or system that is governed or controlled by corporations.

    ‘in this age of corporatocracies, the money goes not to the inventor, but to the company’
    • ‘That's as may be, but in a corporatocracy, the government doesn't represent you.’
    • ‘I see a contradiction, though, as these same people are often also supporters of the corporatocracy, which is largely responsible for forwarding postmodernism.’
    • ‘We exist solely to fund the corporatocracy.’
    • ‘Any chance that the corporatocracy would not infiltrate to derail effective action on these points?’
    • ‘We live in a corporatocracy which serves solely the interests of corporations, bureaucracies, congress, both political parties, and the media.’
    • ‘It is here online that the money and power of the corporatocracy is meaningless, because whatever technological measures they implement can and will be hacked and circumvented.’
    • ‘He is correct that there is a corporatocracy in this country, but he advocates the very ideas that created it.’
    • ‘If smoking is prohibited for workers, what will the agents of the corporatocracy blame next?’
    • ‘For all of its sometimes blind rage, the global movement to confront the corrupt, corporate, anti-democratic, soul-deadening, lethal policymakers shaping the rules of 21st Century Corporatocracy has those policymakers terrified.’
    • ‘Is he redeemable enough that it's worth voting for him, or is he another one of those forces of nature that litter our corporatocracy?’



/ˌkôrp(ə)rəˈtäkrəsē/ /ˌkɔrp(ə)rəˈtɑkrəsi/