Definition of corpse pose in English:

corpse pose


  • A resting pose in yoga, typically assumed at the end of a session, in which one lies flat on one's back with one's eyes closed and one's arms relaxed at one's sides.

    ‘after you've completed one or both routines, relax in corpse pose’
    • ‘Then relax for as long as you like in corpse pose: lie on your back, letting feet fall open, arms relaxed by your sides, palms up.’
    • ‘Right at the end there's ten minutes with the lights off, eyes closed and in the corpse pose.’
    • ‘Then extend your legs and lie flat on your back in corpse pose, arms relaxed at your sides for at least 5 minutes.’
    • ‘For any meditation technique, it is necessary to sit with the back erect (or lie down in the corpse pose if you have a back problem).’
    • ‘The class ends with students flat on their backs in corpse pose.’