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  • 1The quality or state of being free from error; accuracy.

    ‘there was evidence to support the correctness of the identification’
    • ‘This is the critical result which confirms the correctness of the calculated viewpoints and determines the sizes of the resulting projected images.’
    • ‘The problem is that there is no positive evidence for this view, other than the geometrical correctness of his rendering.’
    • ‘I want the company to keep that honesty and to have a real understanding of the rules of classical ballet and of correctness of presentation.’
    • ‘These lapses from strict grammatical correctness, it is assumed, are intended satire on her part.’
    • ‘It's a bit naive to imagine that getting dates right is a guarantee of correctness.’
    • ‘Many teachers objected to its deadly dull emphasis on correctness and wanted students to write lively prose they cared about.’
    • ‘The moral is that dramatic energy is more important than historical correctness.’
    • ‘The account as kept by the bank was to constitute conclusive evidence of the correctness of the entries.’
    • ‘Attention should be paid to the correctness of personal details entered on the certificates.’
    • ‘We did our best to deliver the message in a simple and easy to understand manner, at the same time retaining the technical correctness and level of detail.’
    1. 1.1The quality of being right in an opinion or judgment.
      ‘he is trying to challenge the correctness of his criminal conviction’
      • ‘You could make a few arguments for the correctness of that dramatic choice in the film.’
      • ‘I must confess that in the course of the investigation I have become more and more confident of the correctness of this idea.’
      • ‘We can only infer the correctness of our claims based on whether they are convincing or not.’
      • ‘Perhaps you are concerned that the correctness of a layout will be judged according to criteria established by a textbook.’
      • ‘I can't comment on the correctness of this advice from a marketing point of view.’
      • ‘We cannot demonstrate the correctness of this hypothesis.’
      • ‘He was convinced of the correctness of his policy views and his ability to manage the system.’
      • ‘They argued the correctness of their own course in working for improvements.’
      • ‘There were no satisfactory audit procedures we could carry out to obtain adequate assurance regarding the correctness of the estimate.’
      • ‘While most peoples' opinions change, the conviction of their correctness never does.’
    2. 1.2Conformity to accepted social standards.
      ‘the character was played with stuffy correctness’
      • ‘The politics of correctness decrees it.’
      • ‘When something completely throws you off guard, it jars your sense of correctness.’
      • ‘His shift from inscrutable correctness to open resentment and then to a kind of familiarity is both compelling and hilarious.’
      • ‘His lectures came to be accepted as providing the official standards of artistic correctness.’
      • ‘She was widowed in 1910 and resumed her performing career in Europe, where the fine quality and traditional correctness of her music caused astonishment.’
      • ‘His concerns regarding moral correctness in the theatre would have appealed to her.’
      • ‘Whatever their secret longings, the family organized relentlessly around bourgeois correctness.’
      • ‘And it's a difficult time to be a comic writer because of the constrictions of correctness, there's less and less to joke about.’
      • ‘It certainly leaves the barriers of good taste and correctness far, far behind.’
      • ‘He behaved with impeccable correctness throughout.’
    3. 1.3mainly North American Conformity to a particular political or ideological orthodoxy.
      ‘high-end environmental correctness has a price’
      • ‘But the cure for double standards is not to compound them by sacrificing yet another innocent to ideological correctness.’
      • ‘It's to do with setting the world an example in environmental correctness.’
      • ‘People want the types of cars and trucks that fail the test of environmental correctness by being too large or by using fossil fuels.’



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