Definition of corrector in English:


Pronunciation /kəˈrektər/ /kəˈrɛktər/


  • A person or thing that corrects something, especially a computer program or electronic device with a specified function.

    ‘a spelling corrector’
    • ‘If there were that many upgrades without appeal from just five correctors, how many other inaccurate results are out there?’
    • ‘They see themselves as competitors, correctors, potential contributors.’
    • ‘While professional color correctors will undoubtedly want to use the more precise controls, a combination of Auto Color and Auto Levels will quickly transform dull and casted images into usable results in most cases.’
    • ‘Not only were these eyesight correctors the brightest shade of pink ever discovered, but also scattered on their surface were delicately shaped diamonds and various gemstones.’
    • ‘Now authors had to rely on a range of skilled workmen, such as compositors, proof correctors, and press operators.’



/kəˈrektər/ /kəˈrɛktər/