Definition of correspondence principle in English:

correspondence principle


  • The principle that states that for very large quantum numbers the laws of quantum theory merge with those of classical physics.

    ‘He uses an old argument of Neils Bohr called the correspondence principle, which tells us how to tie together classical and quantum descriptions of the same system.’
    • ‘However, these arise in somewhat exceptional circumstances and the general drift of the correspondence principle was in the right direction.’
    • ‘His explanation covered the absorption and excitation of spectral lines and the correspondence principle which he had set out in three papers.’
    • ‘The correspondence principle had an important role in guiding the development of quantum physics.’
    • ‘The credentials of the correspondence principle, and its relationship to the fundamental notion of autonomy, have been thoughtfully debated.’


correspondence principle

/ˌkôrəˈspändəns ˈprinsəpəl/ /ˌkɔrəˈspɑndəns ˈprɪnsəpəl/