Definition of correspondence school in English:

correspondence school


  • A school offering correspondence courses.

    ‘A correspondence school for teacher training showed me their beautiful manuals illustrating materials and teaching methods for ages 3-6 and grades 1-3.’
    • ‘Both authors took an active part in the correspondence school created by Prof. Gelfand and his collaborators.’
    • ‘In November 1993 he met, through the Open University (a British correspondence college for which he is a tutor), another English-speaking player from Gloucester.’
    • ‘For children in isolated areas, a public correspondence school enables them to send their homework assignments by mail.’
    • ‘In 1992 Gelfand set up a programme in the United States similar to the correspondence school in mathematics which he had run in Russia.’
    • ‘He taught at the art correspondence school in Minneapolis.’
    • ‘Her qualification is a PhD in nutrition - from a correspondence college in Birmingham, Alabama.’
    • ‘Students are still receiving and returning work to the S.A. correspondence school where it is marked before being returned.’
    • ‘School was interesting in that I did subjects I'd never done before in my correspondence school, and it opened other avenues.’
    • ‘Erhard put his new ideas and new self to work as a traveling salesman for a correspondence school.’
    • ‘Alternative schooling, home schooling, and state-run correspondence school is available and government-approved.’
    • ‘She keeps up with her education via correspondence school, and has become fluent in English.’
    • ‘She learned to make dresses after she took a course with correspondence college in 1990.’
    • ‘For many with families at home the kitchen is the scene of family activity - even correspondence school lessons.’
    • ‘The concept of distance learning is not new; correspondence schools have been in existence for decades.’
    • ‘Students studying to become teachers through correspondence schools can gain practical experience by sitting in on classes and observing.’
    • ‘Much like the promoters of online learning, correspondence schools emphasized the benefits of learning in the comfort of one's home, at one's own pace.’
    • ‘What impressions does the film give about the importance of the correspondence schools in nation building?’
    • ‘Chen opened a number of politically oriented enterprises, including highly profitable correspondence schools.’
    • ‘David Noble's work on the history of correspondence schools is exemplary in this regard.’