Definition of Corriedale in English:



  • A sheep of a New Zealand breed kept for both wool and meat.

    ‘He bought a farm of his own in North Canterbury and in 1878 or 1879 established his own stud flock breeding Corriedales using Lincoln rams and the sturdiest possible Merino ewes.’
    • ‘Cross-bred flocks vied with the Merino in better-watered regions; dual-purpose sheep, of which the Corriedale and Polwarth were popular, provided both quality meat and fleeces.’
    • ‘The percentages of sheep breeds now in the country are: Romney 59 percent, Coopworth 10 percent, Perendale 7 percent, Corriedale 9 percent, merino 7 percent, half-breeds 4 percent, and others 9 percent.’
    • ‘It is approximately 10,200 hectares, with 6,200 Corriedale sheep on its pastures.’



/ˈkôrēdāl/ /ˈkɔrideɪl/


Early 20th century named after an estate in northern Otago, New Zealand.