Definition of corrosive sublimate in English:

corrosive sublimate


another term for mercuric chloride
‘It was nearly a year ago when you handled this; but corrosive sublimate is always dangerous.’
  • ‘It is always advisable to use earthenware vessels; indeed, this is necessary, as corrosive sublimate acts upon metals.’
  • ‘Paste made with alum will keep about a fortnight, but can be kept longer by the addition of corrosive sublimate in the proportion of one part of corrosive sublimate to a thousand parts of paste.’
  • ‘If you think those symptoms are bad, and that we do not use any medicine so lethal as corrosive sublimate and carbolic acid today, you'd better rethink the problem.’
  • ‘From the vapour density and from the specific heats, it is further demonstrated that the molecule of corrosive sublimate, like that of chloride of ethylene, contains two atoms of chlorine.’


corrosive sublimate

/kəˌrōsiv ˈsəbləˌmāt/ /kəˌroʊsɪv ˈsəbləˌmeɪt/