Definition of corrosively in English:



See corrosive

‘A director famed for creating self-consciously radical, wildly unconventional, corrosively satirical, and savagely violent works could do worse then take on board an actor who personifies those traits in his everyday life.’
  • ‘Bloom's fame arose from the way he corrosively attacked universities for failing to open students' minds by exposing them to the philosophic quest for understanding that enriches the human spirit.’
  • ‘Indecision corrosively blights a community and our residents deserve better.’
  • ‘Most corrosively, however, is that the distrust of medical professionals is breeding contempt for all that is associated with medical science.’
  • ‘Don't jump in just anywhere though: with such corrosively saline water, access to a shower is essential.’



/kəˈrōsivlē/ /kəˈroʊsɪvli/ /kəˈrōzivlē/ /kəˈroʊzɪvli/